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New Constraints on the P-T Evolution the Alpe Arami Garnet Peridotite Body (Central Alps, Switzerland): Reply to Comment by Nimis & Trommsdorff (2001)


Subduction Style Magmatism in a Non-subduction Setting: the Colville Igneous Complex, NE Washington State, USA

Etendeka Volcanism of the Goboboseb Mountains and Messum Igneous Complex, Namibia. Part I: Geochemical Evidence of Early Cretaceous Tristan Plume Melts and the Role of Crustal Contamination in the Parana´–Etendeka CFB

The Role of Advective Fluid Flow and Diffusion during Localized, Solid-State Dehydration: So¨ndrum Stenhuggeriet, Halmstad, SW Sweden

A Complex Petrogenesis for an Arc Magmatic Suite, St Kitts, Lesser Antilles

Petrogenesis of Mafic Garnet Granulite in the Lower Crust of the Kohistan Paleo-arc Complex (Northern Pakistan): Implications for Intra-crustal Differentiation of Island Arcs and Generation of Continental Crust

The 265 ka Oruanui Eruption, Taupo Volcano, New Zealand: Development, Characteristics and Evacuation of a Large Rhyolitic Magma Body

The Somuncura Large Igneous Province in Patagonia: Interaction of a Transient Mantle Thermal Anomaly with a Subducting Slab

Hybridization of a Shallow ‘I-type’Granitoid Pluton and its Host Migmatite by Magma-Chamber Wall Collapse: the Tokuwa Pluton, Central Japan

Clinopyroxene REE Geochemistry of the Red Hills Peridotite, New Zealand: Interpretation of Magmatic Processes in the Upper Mantle and in the MohoTransition Zone

Equilibrium and Fractional Crystallization Experiments at 07GPa; the Effect of Pressure on Phase Relations and Liquid Compositions of Tholeiitic Magmas


Petrogenesis of the Swaziland and Northern Natal Rhyolites of the Lebombo Rifted Volcanic Margin, South East Africa

Ferric Iron in CaTiO3 Perovskite as an Oxygen Barometer for Kimberlitic Magmas I: Experimental Calibration


Ferric Iron in CaTiO3 Perovskite as an Oxygen Barometer for Kimberlite Magmas II: Applications


An Origin for Harrisitic and Granular Olivine in the Rum Layered Suite, NWScotland: a Crystal Size Distribution Study


Polymetamorphic Evolution of theTrans-Hudson Orogen, Baffin Island, Canada: Integration of Petrological, Structural and Geochronological Data

Resetting of the U-Pb Zircon System in Cambro-Ordovician Intrusives of the Deep Freeze Range, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

The Role of Pressure in Producing Compositional Diversity in Intraplate Basaltic Magmas

400my of Basic Magmatism in a Single Lithospheric Block during Cratonization: Ion Microprobe Study of Plagioclase  Megacrysts in Mafic Rocks from Transbaikalia, Russia

Replenishment, Crystal Accumulation and Floor Aggradation in the Megacrystic Kameruka Suite, Australia

Extreme U–Th Disequilibrium in Rift-Related Basalts, Rhyolites and Granophyric Granite and the Timescale of Rhyolite Generation, Intrusion and Crystallization at Alid Volcanic Center, Eritrea


The Physico-Chemical Properties of a Subducted Slab from Garnet Zonation Patterns (Sesia Zone, Western Alps)


Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Marsabit Volcanic Field (Northern Kenya): Constraints from Textural, P–T and Geochemical Studies on Xenoliths


Contributions of Slab Fluid, Mantle Wedge and Crust to the Origin of Quaternary Lavas in the NE Japan Arc


Mineral Chemistry of Peridotites from Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Lithosphere: Constraints on Mantle Evolution beneath Eastern China


Cyclicity in the Main and Upper Zones of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Crystallization from a Zoned Magma Sheet


Magma Evolution and Open-System Processes at Shiveluch Volcano: Insights from Phenocryst Zoning

Trace Element and Platinum Group Element Distributions and the Genesis of the Merensky Reef, Western Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Phase Equilibria of the Lyngdal Granodiorite (Norway): Implications for the Origin of Metaluminous Ferroan Granitoids


Coexisting High- and Low-Calcium Melts  Identified by Mineral and Melt Inclusion Studies of a Subduction-Influenced Syncollisional Magma from South Sulawesi, Indonesia


Origin and Source Evolution of the Leucite Hills Lamproites: Evidence from Sr–Nd–Pb–O Isotopic Compositions


A 2.5 ka History of Dacitic Magmatism at Nevado de Toluca, Mexico: Petrological, 40Ar/39Ar Dating, and Experimental
Constraints on Petrogenesis

A Complex Magma Mixing Origin for Rocks Erupted in 1915, Lassen Peak, California


A Detailed Geochemical Study of Island Arc Crust: the Talkeetna Arc Section, South–Central Alaska

A Geochemical Classification for Granitic Rocks

A Liquid Line of Descent of the Jotunite (Hypersthene Monzodiorite) Suite

A Low-Variance Mineral Assemblage with Talc and Phengite in an Eclogite from the Saxonian Erzgebirge, Central Europe, and its P–T Evolution

A Melt Inclusion Record of Volatiles, Trace Elements and Li–B Isotope Variations in a Single Magma System from the Plat Pays Volcanic Complex, Dominica, Lesser Antilles

A Metamorphosed Early Cambrian Crust–Mantle Transition in the Eastern Alps, Austria

A New Interpretation of Centimetre-scale Variations in the Progress of Infiltrationdriven Metamorphic Reactions: Case Study of Carbonated Metaperidotite, Val d’Efra,Central Alps, Switzerland

A Non-cognate Origin for the Gibeon Kimberlite Megacryst Suite, Namibia: Implications for the Origin of Namibian Kimberlites

A Note on the IUGS Reclassification of the High-Mg and Picritic Volcanic Rocks

A Post K-T Boundary (Early Palaeocene) Age for Deccan-type Feeder Dykes, Goa, India

A Quaternary Solution Model for White Micas Based on Natural Coexisting Phengite–Paragonite Pairs

A Rapid Fluctuation in the Mantle Source and Melting History of Kilauea Volcano Inferred from the Geochemistry of its Historical Summit Lavas (1790–1982)

A Review of Shallow, Ore-related Granites: Textures, Volatiles, and Ore Metals

A Sequence of Pan-African and Hercynian Events Recorded in Zircons from an Orthogneiss from the Hercynian Belt of Western Central Iberia—an Ion Microprobe U–Pb Study

A Theoretical Study on the Formation of Growth Zoning in Garnet Consuming Chlorite

A Two-stage Thermal Evolution Model of Magmas in Continental Crust

A View into the Subsurface of Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii: Crystallization Processes Interpreted through the Petrology and Petrography of Gabbroic and Ultramafic Xenoliths

Abrupt Change in Magma Liquidus Temperature because of Volatile Loss or Magma Mixing: Effects on Nucleation, Crystal Growth and Thermal History of the Magma

Abundance and Partitioning of OH in a Highpressure Magmatic System: Megacrysts from the Monastery Kimberlite, South Africa

Age, Origin and Cooling History of the Coronel Joa˜o Sa´ Pluton, Bahia, Brazil

Age, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Ultramafic Pipes in the Ivrea Zone, NW Italy

Alkaline Lavas in the Volcanic Front of the Western Mexican Volcanic Belt: Geology and Petrology of the Ayutla and Tapalpa Volcanic Fields

Almadine Garnet in Calc-alkaline Volcanic Rocks of the Northern Pannonian Basin (Eastern- Central Euroup): Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Implications

An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Water and Oxygen Fugacity on Differentiation of MORB at 200 MPa

An Experimental Study of a Lower Porterozoic A-type Granite from the Eastern Amazonian Craton, Brazil

An Experimental Study of Fe–Al Solubility in the System Corundum–Hematite up to 40 kbar and 1300C

An Experimental Study of the Sulfur Content in Basaltic Melts Saturated with Immiscible Sulfide or Sulfate Liquids at 1300C and 1.0 GPa

An Exposed Hercynian Deep Crustal Section in the Sila Massif of Northern Calabria: Mineral Chemistry, Petrology and a P-T Path of Granulite-facies Metapelitic Migmatites and Metabasites

Isotopic and Chemical Evolution of the Post-Caldera Rhyolitic System at Long Valley, California

Application of the Restite Model to the Deddick Granodiorite and its Enclaves— a Reinterpretation of the Observations and Data of Maas et al. (1997)

Are Arc Basalts Dry, Wet, or Both? Evidence from the Sumisu Caldera Volcano, Izu–Bonin Arc, Japan

Assigning Dates to Thin Gneissic Veins in High-Grade Metamorphic Terranes: A Cautionary Tale from Akilia, Southwest Greenland

Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization Controlled by Transport Process of Crustal Melt: Implications from an Alkali Basalt– Dacite Suite from Rishiri Volcano, Japan

Assimilation of Crustal Xenoliths in a Basaltic Magma Chamber: Sr and Nd Isotopic Constraints from the Hasvik Layered Intrusion, Norway

Atlas of Micromorphology of Mineral Alteration and Weatherin by Jean E

Basanite–Phonolite Lineages of the Teide–Pico Viejo Volcanic Complex, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Behavior of Re during Magma Fractionation: an Example from Volca´n Alcedo, Gala´pagos

Beryllium and Other Trace Elements in Paragneisses and Anatectic Veins of the Ultrahigh-Temperature Napier Complex, Enderby Land, East Antarctica: the Role of Sapphirine

Boundary Layer Crystallization in a Basaltic Magma Chamber: Evidence from Rishiri Volcano, Northern Japan

Bulk-rock Major and Trace Element Compositions of Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Mantle Melting, Melt Extraction and Post-melting Processes Beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges


Cadomian Lower-Crustal Contributions to Variscan Granite Petrogenesis (South Bohemian Pluton, Austria): Constraints from Zircon Typology and Geochronology, Whole-Rock, and Feldspar Pb- Sr Isotope Systematics

Calculated Phase Relations in the System Na2O–CaO–K2O–FeO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2– H2O with Applications to UHP Eclogites and Whiteschists

Calculation of Peridotite Partial Melting from Thermodynamic Models of Minerals and Melts. I. Review of Methods and Comparison with Experiments

Calculation of Peridotite Partial Melting from Thermodynamic Models of Minerals and Melts. II. Isobaric Variations in Melts near the Solidus and owing to Variable Source Composition

Calculation of Peridotite Partial Melting from Thermodynamic Models of Minerals and Melts. III. Controls on Isobaric Melt Production and the Effect of Water on Melt Production

Calculation of Peridotite Partial Melting from Thermodynamic Models of Minerals and Melts. IV. Adiabatic Decompression and the Compossition and Mean Properties of Midocean Ridge Basalts

Calculation of Phase Relations Involving Haplogranitic Melts Using an Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Dataset

Carbonatite Metasomatism in the Southeastern Australian Lithosphere

Carbonatite Metasomatism of the Oceanic Upper Mantle: Evidence from Clinopyroxenes and Glasses in Ultramafic Xenoliths of Grande Comore, Indian Ocean


Ca-rich Garnet–Clinopyroxene Rocks at Hujialin in the Su–Lu Terrane (Eastern China): Deeply Subducted Arc Cumulates

Cenozoic Magmatism of the North-Eastern Eurasian Margin: The Role of Lithosphere Versus Asthenosphere

Characterization and Origin of Aluminous A-type Granites from the Lachlan Fold Belt, Southeastern Australia

Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Lavas from the Northern Mariana Trough: Implications for Magmagenesis in Back-arc Basins

Chemical Stratigraphy and Petrogenesis of the Early Proterozoic Amisk Lake Volcanic Sequence, Flin Flon–Snow Lake Greenstone Belt, Canada

Chloride Solubility in Felsic Melts and the Role of Chloride in Magmatic Degassing

Chromite in Komatiites, 1. Magmatic Controls on Crystallization and Composition

Chromite in Komatiites, II. Modification during Greenschist to Mid-Amphibolite Facies Metamorphism

Chronology, Petrology and Isotope Geochemistry of the Erro–Tobbio Peridotites (Ligurian Alps, Italy): Records of Late Palaeozoic Lithospheric Extension

Clarence River Supersuite: 250 Ma Cordilleran Tonalitic I-type Intrusions in Eastern Australia

A Collection of Papers to Commemorate the Work of Keith Gordon Cox, 1933- 1998

Comagmatic A-Type Granophyre and Rhyolite from the Alid Volcanic Center, Eritrea, Northeast Africa

Combined Trace Element and Pb-Nd–Sr-O Isotope Evidence for Recycled Oceanic Crust (Upper and Lower) in the Iceland Mantle Plume

Comment on Mexican Peridotite Xenoliths and Tectonic Terranes: Correlations among Vent Location, Texture, Temperature, Pressure, and Oxygen Fugacity by J.F. Luhr & J.J. Aranda-Gomez (1997)

Comment on New Constraints on the P-T Evolution of the Aple Arami Garnet Peridotite Body (Central Apls, Switzerland) by Paquin & Altherr (2001)

Comment on ‘The Origins of Yakutian Eclogite Xenoliths’ by G. A. Snyder, L. A. Taylor, G. Crozaz, A. N. Halliday, B. L. Beard, V. N. Sobolev and N. V. Sobolev

Comments on ‘Mantle Melting and Melt Extraction Processes beneath Ocean Ridges: Evidence from Abyssal Peridotites’ by Yaoling Niu

Comments on: ‘Petrogenesis of Proterozoic Lamproites and Kimberlites from the Cuddapah Basin and Dharwar Craton, Southern India’

Comparison of 40Ar–39Ar and Rb–Sr Data on Phengites from the UHP Brossasco–Isasca Unit (Dora Maira Massif, Italy): Implications for Dating White Mica

Comparison of Thermochronometers in a Slowly Cooled Granulite Terrain: Nagssugtoqidian Orogen, West Greenland

Complex Growth Textures in a Polymetamorphic Metabasite from the Kraubath Massif (Eastern Alps)

Compositional and  Lithological Controls on the PGE-Bearing Sulphide Zones in the Selukwe Subchamber, Great Dyke: a Combined Equilibrium- Rayleigh Fractionation Model

Compositional Gradients and Gaps in High-silica Rhyolites of the Rattlesnake Tuff, Oregon

Constraints from Thorium/Lanthanum on Sediment Recycling at Subduction Zones and the Evolution of the Continents

Constraints on Magma Degassing beneath the Far Southeast Porphyry Cu–Au Deposit, Philippines

Constraints on the Trace  Element Composition of the Archean Mantle Root beneath Somerset Island, Arctic Canada

Contact Metamorphism in Pelitic Rocks on the Island of Kos (Greece, Eastern Aegean Sea): a Test for the Na-in-Cordierite Thermometer

Contemporaneous Trachyandesitic and Calc-alkaline Volcanism of the Huerto Andesite, San Juan Volcanic Field, Colorado, USA

Continental Lithospheric Contribution to Alkaline Magmatism: Isotopic (Nd, Sr, Pb) and Geochemical (REE) Evidence from Serra de Monchique and Mount Ormonde Complexes

Continuous Gradations among Primary Carbonatitic, Kimberlitic, Melilititic, Basaltic, Picritic, and Komatiitic Melts in Equilibrium with Garnet Lherzolite at 3–8 GPa

Contrasting Group I and Group II Eclogite Xenolith Petrogenesis: Petrological, Trace Element and Isotopic Evidence from Eclogite, Garnet-Websterite and Alkremite Xenoliths in the Kaalvallei Kimberlite, South Africa

Contrasting P-T Paths in the Eastern Himalaya, Nepal: Inverted Isograds in a Paired Metamorphic Mountain Belt

Convection and Crystallization in a Liquid Cooled from above: an Experimental and Theoretical Study

Cooling History and Exhumation of Lower-Crustal Granulite and Upper Mantle (Malenco, Eastern Central Alps)

Cordierite Growth Textures and the Conditions of Genesis and Emplacement of Crustal Granitic Magmas: the Velay Granite Complex (Massif Central, France)

Correlations between U, Th Content and Metamorphic Grade in the Western Namaqualand Belt, South Africa, with Implications for Radioactive Heating of the Crust

Cotectic Proportions of Olivine and Spinel in Olivine-Tholeiitic Basalt and Evaluation of Pre-Eruptive Processes

Cretaceous Basaltic Terranes in Western Colombia: Elemental, Chronological and Sr–Nd Isotopic Constraints on Petrogenesis

Cr-Pyrope Garnets in the Lithospheric Mantle. I. Compositional Systematics and Relations to Tectonic Setting

Cr-Saturation Arrays in Concentrate Garnet Compositions from Kimberlite and their Use in Mantle Barometry

Crustal Age Domains and the Evolution of  the Continental Crust in the Mozambique Belt of Tanzania: Combined Sm–Nd, Rb–Sr, and Pb–Pb Isotopic Evidence

Crustal contamination and fluid–rock interaction during the formation of the Platreef, northern limb of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Crustal Contamination of Kilauea Volcano Magmas Revealed by Oxygen Isotope Analyses of Glass and Olivine from Puu Oo Eruption Lavas

Crustal Evolution of Island-Arc Ultramafic Magma: Galmoenan Pyroxenite–Dunite Plutonic Complex, Koryak Highland (Far East Russia)

Crustal Growth by Magmatic Accretion Constrained by Metamorphic P–T Paths and Thermal Models of the Kohistan Arc, NW Himalayas

Crustal Origin for Peralkaline Rhyolites from Kenya: Evidence from U-Series Disequilibria and Th-Isotopes

Crustal Origin for the Parana Rhyolites: Discussion of `Description and Petrogenesis of the Parana Rhyolites, Southern Brazil'''''''' by Garland . (1995)

Crustal Processes: Major Controls on Reykjanes Peninsula Lava Chemistry, SW Iceland

Crustal Recycling of Metamorphic Basement: Late Palaeozoic Granitoids of Northern Chile (~22°S). Implications for the Composition of the Andean Crust

crystal accumulation and sharing in a Megacrystic Quartz Monzonite: Bodoco Pluton, Northeastern Brazil

Silicic Magma Formation in Overthickened Crust: Melting of Charnockite and Leucogranite at 15, 20 and 25 kbar

Crystal Fractionation and the Evolution of Intra-plate hy-normative Igneous Suites: Insights from their Feldspars

Crystal Size Distribution (CSD) and Textural Evolution of Accessory Apatite, Titanite and Allanite during Four Stages of Metamorphism: an Example from the Moine Supergroup, Scotland

Crystal Size Distributions (CSD) in Three Dimensions: Insights from the 3D Reconstruction of a Highly Porphyritic Rhyolite

Crystal Size Distributions Derived from 3D Datasets: Sample Size Versus Uncertainties

Crystallization and Oxidation of Kilauea Basalt Glass: Processes during Reheating Experiments

Crystallization driven by decompression and water loss at Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

Deep and High-temperature Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oman Ophiolite Petrological and Isotopic Evidence

Dehydration-Melting and Fluid Recycling during Metamorphism: Rangeley Formation, New Hampshire, USA

Depletion Events, Nature of Metasomatizing Agent and Timing of Enrichment Processes in Lithospheric Mantle Xenoliths from the Veneto Volcanic Province

Differentiation of Mafic Magma in a Continental Crust-to-Mantle Transition Zone

Differentiation Processes of Deccan Trap Basalts: Contribution from Geochemistry and Experimental Petrology

Discontinuous Melt Extraction and Weak Refertilization of Mantle Peridotites at the Vema Lithospheric Section (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Discussion of ‘Structural Petrology of the Ronda Peridotite, SW Spain: Deformation History’ by D. Van der Wal and R. L. M. Vissers

Disequilibrium in the Ross of Mull Contact Metamorphic Aureole, Scotland: a Consequence of Polymetamorphism

Isotope Compositions of Submarine Hana Ridge Lavas, Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii: Implications for Source Compositions, Melting Process and the Structure of the Hawaiian Plume

Dissolution of Quartz, Albite, and Orthoclase in H2O-Saturated Haplogranitic Melt at 800C and 200 MPa: Diffusive Transport Properties of Granitic Melts at Crustal Anatectic Conditions

Distinguishing Melting of Heterogeneous Mantle Sources from Crustal Contamination: Insights from Sr Isotopes at the Phenocryst Scale, Pisgah Crater, California

Diversity of Mafic Rocks in the Ronda Peridotite: Evidence for Pervasive Melt–Rock Reaction during Heating of Subcontinental Lithosphere by Upwelling Asthenosphere

Complications to Carbonate Melt Mobility due to the Presence of an Immiscible Silicate Melt

Early Cretaceous Basalt and Picrite Dykes of the Southern Etendeka Region, NW Namibia: Windows into the Role of the Tristan Mantle Plume in Parana- Etendeka Magmatism

Early Palaeozoic Acid Magmatism in the Saxothuringian Belt: New Insights from a Geochemical and Isotopic Study of Orthogneisses and Metavolcanic Rocks from the Fichtelgebirge, SE Germany

Early Proterozoic Calc-Alkaline and Middle Proterozoic Tholeiitic Dyke Swarms from Central- Eastern Argentina: Petrology, Geochemistry, Sr-Nd Isotops and Tectonic Implications

Early–Middle Jurassic Dolerite Dykes from Western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica): Identifying Mantle Sources in the Karoo Large Igneous Province

East African Rift System (EARS) Plume Structure: Insights from Quaternary Mafic Lavas of Turkana, Kenya

Eclogites and Blueschists of the Pam Peninsula, NE New Caledonia: a Reappraisal

Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Dehydration Melting Reactions and Melt Compositions in the Lower Crust and the Origin of Alkaline Rocks

Effect of Silica Activity on OH-IR Spectra of Olivine: Implications for Low-aSiO2 Mantle Metasomatism

Effects of H2O on Phase Relations during Crystallization of Gabbros in the Kap Edvard Holm Complex, East Greenland

Petrology of the Alkaline Core of the Messum Igneous Complex, Namibia: Evidence for the Progressively Decreasing Effect of Crustal Contamination

Empirical Garnet–Biotite–Plagioclase–Quartz  (GBPQ) Geobarometry in Medium- to High-Grade Metapelites

Emplacement and Crystallization Time for the Bushveld Complex

Emplacement of Deep Upper-Mantle Rocks into Cratonic Lithosphere by Convection and Diapiric Upwelling

Enclaves in the Cadillac Mountain Granite (Coastal Maine): Samples of Hybrid Magma from the Base of the Chamber

Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, edited by Clare p. Marshall and Rhodes W.Faribridge. Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht,  1999. 712 pp. ISBN 0-421-75500-9. £280

Energy-Constrained Open-System Magmatic Processes I: General Model and Energy-Constrained Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization (EC-AFC) Formulation.

Energy-Constrained Open-System Magmatic Processes II: Application of Energy-Constrained Assimilation- Fractional Crystallization (EC-AFC) Model to Magmatic Systems

Enriched End-member of Primitive MORB Melts: Petrology and Geochemistry of Glasses from Macquarie Island (SW Pacific)

Enriched Subcontinental Upper Mantle beneath Southern India: Evidence from Pb, Nd, Sr, and C–O Isotopic Studies on Tamil Nadu Carbonatites

Episodic Silicic Volcanism in Patagonia and the Antarctic Peninsula: Chronology of Magmatism Associated with the Break- up of Gondwana

Eruptive Stratigraphy of the Tatara-San Pedro Complex, 36 S, Southern Volcanic Zone, Chilean Andes: Reconstruction Method and Implications for Magma Evolution at Long-lived Arc Volcanic Centers

Estimating Abundances of Volatile and Other Mobile Components in Evolved Silicic Melts Through Mineral–Melt Equilibria

Etendeka Volcanism of the Goboboseb Mountains and Messum Igneous Complex, Namibia. Part II: Voluminous Quartz Latite Volcanism of the Awahab Magma System

Evidence for a Widespread Tethyan Upper Mantle with Indian-Ocean-Type Isotopic Characteristics

Evidence for Early LREE-enriched Mantle Source Regions: Diverse Magmas from the c. 30Ga Mallina Basin, Pilbara Craton, NW Australia

Evidence for Fractional Crystallization of Periodically Refilled Magma Chambers in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Evidence of Magma Mixing in the ‘Daly Gap’ of Alkaline Suites: a Case Study from the Enclaves of Pantelleria (Italy)

Evolution from Oceanic Subduction to Continental Collision: a Case Study from the Northern Tibetan Plateau Based on Geochemical and Geochronological Data

Evolution of a Porphyry-Cu Mineralized Magma System at Santa Rita, New Mexico (USA)

Evolution of Bishop Tuff Rhyolitic Magma Based on Melt and Magnetite Inclusions and Zoned Phenocrysts

Evolution of Gala´pagos Magmas: Mantle and Crustal Fractionation without Assimilation

Evolution of Heterogeneous Lithospheric Mantle in a Plume Environment Beneath the Kerguelen Archipelago

Evolution of Mg/Fe Ratios in Late Variscan Plutonic Rocks from the External Crystalline Massifs of the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland)

Evolution of Silicic Magma through Assimilation and Subsequent Recharge: Evidence from Sr Isotopes in Sanidine Phenocrysts, Taylor Creek Rhyolite, NM

Evolution of the Darling Range Batholith, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: a SHRIMP Zircon Study

Evolution of the Magma Chamber beneath Usu Volcano since 1663: a Natural Laboratory for Observing Changing Phenocryst Compositions and Textures

Temperature and Bulk Composition Control on the Growth of Monazite and Zircon During Low-pressure Anatexis (Mount Stafford, Central Australia)

Exhumation Paths of High-Pressure–Low-Temperature Metamorphic Rocks from the Lycian Nappes and the Menderes Massif (SW Turkey): a Multi-Equilibrium Approach

Experimental and Thermodynamic Constraints on the Sulphur Yield of Peralkaline and Metaluminous Silicic Flood Eruptions

Experimental Constraints on Himalayan Anatexis

Experimental Constraints on the Role of Garnet Pyroxenite in the Genesis of High-Fe Mantle Plume Derived Melts

Experimental Crystallization of a High-K Arc Basalt: the Golden Pumice, Stromboli Volcano (Italy)

Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Diagrams in the Systems CaO---SiO2, MgO---SiO2, CaMgSi2O6---SiO2 and CaMgSi2O6---Mg2SiO4 to 10 GPa

Experimental Petrology of the 1991–1995 Unzen Dacite, Japan. Part II: Cl/OH Partitioning between Hornblende and Melt and its Implications for the Origin of Oscillatory Zoning of Hornblende Phenocrysts

Experimental Petrology of the 1991–1995 Unzen Dacite, Japan. Part I: Phase Relations, Phase Composition and Pre-eruptive Conditions

Experimental Petrology of the Kiglapait Intrusion: Cotectic Trace for the Lower Zone at 5 kbar in Graphite

Experimental Silicate–Phosphate Equilibria in Peraluminous Granitic Magmas, with a Case Study of the Alburquerque Batholith at Tres Arroyos, Badajoz, Spain

Experimental Study of the Effect of Temperature on Water Solubility in Natural Rhyolite Melt to 100 MPa

Experimentally Determined Phase Relations in Hydrous Peridotites to 65 GPa and their Consequences on the Dynamics of Subduction Zones

Extrusional Tectonics in the Core of a Transpressional Orogen; the Kaoko Belt, Namibia

Factors Controlling Chemistry of Magmatic Spinel: an Empirical Study of Associated Olivine, Cr-Spinel and Melt Inclusions from Primitive Rocks

Feldspathic Mare Basalts at the Apollo 17 Landing Site, Taurus- Littrow

Fenitizing Processes Induced by Ferrocarbonatite Magmatism at Swartbooisdrif, NW Namibia

Flood and Shield Basalts from Ethiopia: Magmas from the African Superswell

Flood Basalts and Lunar Petrogenesis

Flood Basalts, Basalt Floods or Topless Bushvelds? Lunar Petrogenesis Revisited: a Reply

Flood Basalts, Bsaalt Floods or Topless Bushvelds? Lunar Petrogenesis Revisited

Flood Basalts, Basalt Floods or Topless Bushvelds? Lunnar Petrogenesis Revisited: a Critical Comment

Fluid and Element Cycling in Subducted Serpentinite: a Trace- Element Study of the Erro-Tobbio High-Pressure Ultramafites (Western Alps, NW Italy)

Fluid Flow and Diffusion in the Waterville Limestone, South–Central Maine: Constraints from Strontium, Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Profiles

Fluid Transfer in High-grade Metamorphic Terrains Intruded by Anorogenic Granites: The Thor Range, Antarctica

Fluid-Absent Melting Behavior of a Two-Mica Metapelite: Experimental Constraints on the Origin of Black Hills Granite

Foreword Magma generation and evolution in the Earth

Formation and Evolution of Granite Magmas During Crustal Reworking: the Significance of Diatexites

Petrogenesis of Olivine- phyric Basalts from the Aphanasey Nikitin Rise: Evidence for Contamination by Cratonic Lower Continental Crust

Formation of Carbon and Hydrogen Species in Magmas at Low Oxygen Fugacity

Formation of Diatexite Migmatite and Granite Magma during Anatexis of Semi-pelitic Metasedimentary Rocks: an Example from St. Malo, France

Formation of Spinifex Texture in Komatiites: an Experimental Study

Formation of Wollastonite by Chemically Reactive Fluid Flow During Contact Metamorphism, Mt. Morrison Pendant, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Formation, Crystallization, and Migration of  Melt in the Mid-orogenic Crust: Muskoka Domain Migmatites, Grenville Province, Ontario

Fractionation and Assimilation Processes in the Alkaline Augite Syenite Unit of the Ilimaussaq Intrusion, South Greenland, as Deduced from Phase Equilibria

Fractionation of Nb and Ta from Zr and Hf at Mantle Depths: the Role of Titanian Pargasite and Kaersutite

Fractionation of Platinum-group Elements and Gold in the Upper Mantle: a Detailed Study in Pyrenean Orogenic Lherzolites

FTIR Spectrum of Phenocryst Olivine as an Indicator of Silica Saturation in Magmas


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